The Undying Night

The Undying Night is a dark fantasy novel about love, trust, loyalty and betrayal.

Aidan Ferla is a Battlemage, trained by the Academy Arcanum to wield magical forces on the field of combat. He fights to defend his homeland of Garlina, a nation under constant assault by creatures of darkness. But there are secrets in Aidan’s past that he must keep hidden at all costs, lest he find himself an enemy of the very people he has sworn to protect.

Katie Blance is a Priestess of the Guiding Light, sworn to the service of the Holy Six. But her curiosity leads her to stumble upon a deadly secret, one that the Church will go to any lengths to keep hidden – and which she is determined to expose.

Thrown together by a chance encounter, Aidan and Katie must learn to trust one another, as they find themselves hunted by forces both mortal and otherworldly.

About The Undying Night

  • Cast of Characters
  • World
  • Lore
  • Glossary
Artwork by Natalie Rowland (@natrowlandart)

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