The Haunting of Blackthorn Manor

The Haunting of Blackthorn Manor is an adventure module for use with Pathfinder Second Edition. It was written as part of the Storytelling Collective’s Write Your First Adventure Summer 2021 course. It is recommended for a level 4-5 party.

The Haunting of Blackthorn Manor is now available on and DriveThruRPG.

The adventure takes place in the village of Blackthorn, a rain-swept and gloomy sort of place under the stewardship of a renowned paladin named Lady Anna Blackthorn. Lady Anna has recently returned from a divine quest to hunt the dread necromancer Carellius, whose dark magic and legion of unholy monsters threatened the safety of the realm. Along with her trusty squire Marcus Willows, she vanquished Carellius and destroyed his foul creations, restoring peace and stabliity to the region.

Upon her return to Blackthorn, she learned that her beloved husband Samuel had died of illness while she was away. Wracked by grief, Anna isolated herself in her Manor for several days, much to the concern of the townsfolk. She was a kind and compassionate leader, given to spending as much time as she could among her people, and to cut herself off from them was quite unusual.

And now a strange pall of darkness hangs over the village of Blackthorn. There are spirits loose in the Manor and strange lights in the sky, and Lady Anna is nowhere to be seen. Did she bring back more than just glory from her quest? Or has her grief opened the door for something far more sinister?

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