Writing My First Adventure

It’s the 1st of July, and that means the Storytelling Collective’s “Write Your First Adventure” course is now officially underway. I have to say, I’m very excited to be part of this. I’ve been writing adventures for years, but for a very select audience and in what I feel is now a very comfortable style.

Graphic courtesy of the Storytelling Collective.

It had honestly never occurred to me until recently that I could write adventures for purposes other than running them myself, but this could be just what I need to get off the ground. It’ll help me to flesh out my writing style into something a little more more “mass-market” and a little less “tailored specifically to these 3 people”, which is no bad thing, and with any luck, it’ll also give me the tools and the confidence to take that all-important next step and actually publish.

Today has been a day of preparation. Setting up a calendar and a project board has honestly felt a lot like the Old Job, but knowing that it’s for something I’m passionate about makes it more palatable. And now that the initial admin is out of the way, I can start prepping for the fun part. I’ve got a concept in mind that I’m pretty excited to bring to life, and even more excited to share with the world.

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