Fearsome Foes & Fables

It’s finally here! After months of hard work and dedication, I’m delighted to announce that my Pathfinder Second Edition monster supplement, Fearsome Foes & Fables, is now available for purchase!

Bring fresh excitement to your Pathfinder Second Edition adventures with this collection of all-new monsters! Discover these strange and mysterious creatures through the tales of their deeds and weave them into your own story, with treasures and rewards for any adventurers strong and brave enough to survive the encounter.

Fearsome Foes and Fables includes:

  • 32 original creature statblocks, each with lore, roleplaying notes and a short story to set the scene
  • Spells, magic items, feats and more to accompany each creature
  • 2 all-new ancestries – the curious lophii and the secretive serpentaur!

Click here to check it out!

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